Why did my fax fail?
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There are multiple reasons why a fax delivery may fail. You will receive the reason via Skype Chat, Email or SMS and you can see the reason in the PamFax Portal. PamFax recognizes different error situations. Based on statistics of all failed fax jobs, the most common errors are:
  1. No Answer
  2. Not a fax machine
  3. Unallocated Number
  4. Number constantly busy
  5. Voice answer
PamFax will try three times to deliver your fax. This is a process which can take up to an hour so if a number fails you might not immediately see a response from the system. PamFax will refund pages which have failed automatically back to your account (unless you have used free credit like the sign up bonus or other free credit issued to you).

Note that when entering a fax number in PamFax, you will be warned when you enter a destination number outside your home country. This is to help decrease error #2 which is sending a fax to a different country than expected.
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