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How easy is it to send a fax with Pamfax?
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PamFax is available for Windows, Macintosh, iPhone/iPad, Android (phones and tablets) and Blackberry. I addition you can access PamFax with any web browser.

In addition PamFax integrates into Microsoft Office, Outlook, Facebook and Salesforce.

Once you logged in via one of the apps, you will be presented with a wizard where you can start sending a fax. There are also other options available, depending on the type of application you are using.

The sending process is the same in all applications. After uploading the document, enter the fax number and pay. After payment your fax will be processed and you will receive status updates via email, Skype chat and/or SMS (depending on your notification settings).

You have access to the online PamFax Portal where you can review the history, resend failed faxes, download PDF versions of sent faxes and change settings.

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