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How do I import my fax contacts to the PamFax address book?
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You can easily import your contact data from other systems. PamFax accepts standard the following data formats: CSV, LDIF or vCard.

You can only import contact information which contains at least a name and fax number. For further information how to export data click the application you are using: Outlook 2010-2016, Outlook 2007-2016, Thunderbird, Gmail

Important: Make sure the header information in the file has these column descriptions: Name, Fax, Company, Email

Note: Company and Email are optional fields, Name and Fax are mandatory. If you do not enter a country code for each fax number then PamFax will automatically assume that all numbers are from the country set in your PamFax profile.

The file should be formatted per example below:

Name Fax
John Doe +18657896255
Hellen William +4989568754
Peter Thing +443025689778


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