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How to install and use PamFax for Outlook
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 How to send emails as fax

 How to choose recipients only


This manual gives you an understanding of the main functionality for the Outlook integration of PamFax.

PamFax for Outlook is a simple add-in which makes it possible to send emails, attachments and appointments as faxes with the PamFax client installation.



The installation is very straightforward. This add-in can will be automatically installed by the PamFax client installer. PamFax for Outlook requires an installed version of either:

  • Microsoft Outlook 2007

  •  Microsoft Outlook 2010

This integration is only compatible with these two versions. If these requirements are met, setup will then install Outlook integration of PamFax.


If Outlook is currently running, the setup will show a notification that Outlook has to be closed before continuing with the installation. The setup will then install all required components.

The next time you start Outlook you’ll see the customization installer performing the last installation step.


 How to send emails as fax


If you want to send an email with PamFax you’ll just have to select one or more email items and then do a right click and select “Send as fax” on the context menu or click on the button “Send as fax” in the ribbon.


 Sending documents as fax

Figure 2 Sending documents as fax


If one of the selected mails contains attachments you will get a dialog that allows you to choose which attachments you want to fax and select between three options:

  •  Send only email
  •  Send email and attachment
  •  Send only attachment



  Figure 3 Select attachments and the fax option


After PamFax for Outlook has finished searching for recipients you will get a dialog that allows you to choose the recipients by ticking the checkbox. If you have a huge amount of contacts you can use the search field to search for specific contacts.



  Figure 4 Select recipients



Clicking “Send Fax” will open the PamFax Client with the documents and recipients you have selected.

How to choose recipients only

You can use your Outlook Address Book, if you just want to select the recipients and add documents later with the PamFax Client. The procedure is the same as selecting the emails you want to fax. You can submit your selected contacts via the context menu or the button in the ribbon.
You will get a dialog to choose the recipients fax number if you have only selected one recipient and it has more than one fax number.

Figure 5 Fax number selection

Clicking “Send Fax” will open the installed PamFax client with the prefilled fax number and the recipient’s name.

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