How to record Skype video with Pamela
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First, please upgrade to Pamela 4.8 which has a complete new video recording system. It works more reliable and is easy to configure. You can upgrade from the Pamela application by clicking on the "Help" menu and then on "Check for update". Download the new version and install it.

Recording video with Pamela is simple. Start a video call and then in Pamela select to record the video (use the icon in the toolbar which shows the small record circle with a webcam!). Pamela will also recognize when you make a call and ask you if you want to record it - this is the default setting which you may change to your liking.

Just make sure the Skype video is fully filling the Skype window as otherwise the video recording will not be optimal sized. Note that when you do a video call, Pamela offers you the option to either record video+audio or only the audio.

After you stop the call or click the stop button in Pamela, the video recording will appear in the list of recordings.

There are settings available under the section "Call Recording" in the options (Menu Tools, Options...). You will be able to set the FPS (Frames per Second), the size of the recording (incl. a preset YouTube mode) and the quality of the audio. Obviously all these settings influence the size of the recorded file, so just experiment with a few test recordings to see what suits your needs.
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