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How to manage invoice statuses

Managing invoice statuses


General information

PamBill has a preset workflow for order management. After importing the orders from Jimdo, the status of the orders is “Imported”. You will see this in the list after clicking on “Invoices” in the top menu.


The next step is, after downloading the invoices, to set the invoice status to “Sent”. This means that you have sent the PDF invoice or printed it. This is done by clicking on the gear icon on the far right side of each order and selecting “Set to Sent” or “Set to Print”. Note that you need to do this per order.


After this the status of the order will change to “Sent” and will be orange. The next status change is “Paid” – this is also done via the gears icon at the far right of the order. Set the order to “Paid” once you have received the payment. Note: For payment with Credit Card or PayPal you can set this immediately.


Note that once an order is set to “Sent” status, it can not be deleted from PamBill anymore.

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