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How to send invoices to customers

Sending invoices to customers

General information

Currently PamBill supports sending invoices to customers manually. This means you download the invoice as PDF or ZIP file and send the invoices to your customers. In an upcoming release we will add the ability to send them from the dashboard directly via email or fax.


  1. After you have successfully imported Jimdo orders go to the main dashboard page.
  2. Click on “Orders”.
  3. You will see a list of all imported orders.
  4. Select the orders you wish to send invoices to. Note: You can also select the entire list by clicking the checkbox at the top (left of Status).
  5. Click “Download selected” from the top menu. Note that if you select one order, PamBill will send you a single PDF file. If you select two or more orders, PamBill will send you the PDFs packaged in a ZIP file.


Additional information

After downloading the invoice, you can set the status of the invoice to “Sent” (manually by clicking on the gear icon on the right of the order). Note that once you do this, the order can not be deleted anymore. The next status is “Paid”. This helps you to control which invoices are still outstanding.

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