What document types can I send with PamFax?
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You can submit the following file formats to PamFax:

Generic Formats
PDF - Adobe PDF
PS - Adobe PostScript
EPS - Encapsulated PostScript

Word Processing Formats
RTF - Microsoft RTF
DOC and DOCX - Microsoft Word
DOT and DOTX - Microsoft Word Templates
WRI - Microsoft Windows Write
WKB - WordPerfect
SXW, STW, SXC, STC, SXG, SXM - StarOffice

Spreadsheet Formats
WQ1, QPW - Corel QuattroPro
XLS and XLSX - Microsoft Excel
ODS, OTS, ODC - Open Office

Presentation Formats
PPT and PPTX - Microsoft PowerPoint
POT and POTX - Microsoft PowerPoint Templates
PUB - Microsoft Publisher

Text Formats
TXT - ASCII Text, ANSI Text (Note: Save the TXT file in UTF-8 to make sure extended characters like Japanese, Russian, etc. are processed correctly. Alternatively use the DOC format.)
INI, BAT, XML, LOG - Text file formats
CPP, VBS, PAS - Text file formats

Graphic Formats
AVS - AVS X image file
BMP - MS Windows Bitmap image file, OS/2 Bitmap
DCX - ZSoft IBM PC multi-page Paintbrush file
DIB - MS Windows Device Independent Bitmap
DPX - Digital Moving Picture Exchange
FITS - Flexible Image Transport System
FPX - FlashPix Format
GIF - CompuServe graphics interchange format
ICO - Icon format
IPTC - Newswire profile
JBIG - Joint Bi-level Image experts Group file interchange format
JP2 - JPEG-2000 JP2 File Format Syntax
JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format
JPG - Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format
MIFF – Magick image file format
MNG - Multiple-image Network Graphics
MPC - Magick Persistent Cache image file format
MTV - MTV Raytracing image format
OTB - On-the-air Bitmap
PBM - Portable Bitmap
PCD - Kodak PhotoCD - Base/16, Base/4 and Base only
PCDS - Kodak PhotoCD - Base/16, Base/4 and Base only
PCT - Macintosh PICT
PCX - PC PaintBrush
PGM - Portable GrayMap
PICT - Apple Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT file
PNG - Portable Network Graphics
PNM - Portable Any Bitmap
PPM - Portable PixelMap
P7 - Xv's visual schnauzer format
RAS - Raster Sun Microsystems
RGBA - Raw red, green, blue, and matte samples
SGI - Irix RGB image file
SUN - Raster SunMicrosystems
TGA - TrueVision Targa
TIFF - Tagged Interchange File Format
VICAR – V.I.C.A.R. Image file format
VID - Visual Image Directory
VIFF - Khoros Visualization image file
WMF - Windows Meta File
XBM – X Windows system bitmap, black and white only
XPM - X Windows system pixmap file (color)
XWD - X Windows system window dump file (color)

CAD Formats
DWF - Drawing Web Format
DWG - AutoCAD Drawing
RML - RedlineXML
IPT - Inventor Part Document
IAM - Inventor Assembly Document
IDW - Inventor Drawing Document

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